Assisting Home Buyers and Sellers

The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) advises home owners and home sellers to consider a “physical home check up” to ensure that they are fully informed on the current conditions and components of their home. A home that has not been recently inspected may have undiscovered, minor or major maintenance items that could lead to a significant financial expense to correct or even replace if not discovered. We understand that even the perfect home has imperfections. Our job is to make sure that the buyer and seller are both well-educated about those imperfections so that an agreement can be reached about how to address those issues.

Your home may have some type of electrical condition that could pose a potential safety hazard. And moisture intrusion damage and plumbing leaks are the largest repair expense that home owners face today. Additionally, heating and air conditioning units that have deficiencies can cost you money in higher utility bills, while also posing health and safety concerns.

An inspection by a qualified professional inspector is recommended at least every five years. You are encouraged to attend the inspection, and to accompany us throughout our evaluations. By observing and asking questions, you will learn about your home and get tips on general maintenance and other pertinent information that will be of great help (and savings) to you. You will also be provided with a written inspection report for your reference.

Download a sample inspection report here.